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Choreography 101

Have you ever been in a class or audition, and when the teacher asks you to improv, you freeze? Did you know that having knowledge of the elements of dance can expand your dance abilities? Each dancer holds his or her own style of movement. Learning the tools of choreography will bring out each dancer's individuality.

During the Fall, we will explore the elements of dance, the art of storytelling through movement and finding ones own creative process. 

  • Timing
  • Spacing
  • Energy
  • Body
  • Action
  • Emotion
  • Beginning, middle and end 

In the Spring, three students will be selected to be a the class choreographers to create his or her own piece for the annual Recital. These choreographers will be picking their cast and teaching their creation under the direction of the instructor.

*All dancers who are enrolled in Choreography 101 must also be in enrolled in L1 or L2/3 ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop or technique class.