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Encore School of Dance


Celebrating 23 years of inspiring kids to reach for the stars...

Now Registering For The 2016/2017 Season! 

25th Annual Recital 

June 8th, 9th & 10th

Will Rogers Auditorium - 3401 W Lancaster Ave 


Recital One

Dress Rehearsal: Saturday, June 8th @ 12:00pm

Recital: Sunday, June 9th @ 12:00pm

Recital Three

Dress Rehearsal: Saturday, June 8th @ 7:00pm

Recital: Sunday, June 9th @ 7:00pm

Recital Two

Dress Rehearsal: Saturday, June 8th @ 4:00pm

Recital: Sunday, June 9th @ 4:00pm

Recital Four

Dress Rehearsal: Monday, June 10th @ 1:00pm

Recital: Monday, June 10th @ 6:00pm 

Don't know what Recital your child is in? 

Click the button below and find their class(es)! 

The color of the class indicates the Recital. 

Blue - Recital One

Green - Recital Two

Purple - Recital Three

Red - Recital Four 

Yellow - All Recitals