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Q: How long is the season?

A: All classes run from the middle of August to the middle of June. After our annual Recital, we offer a four week long Summer session.


Q: How can I register?

A: You can register online or by coming to the studio during our office hours. If you register online, be sure to pick up your registration folder at the studio!


Q: Is my child obligated to take the entire season?

A: Students may withdraw from a class or classes at any point during the year. However, if your dancers costume has been ordered upon withdrawal the costume fee cannot be refunded. We ask that you contact the studio to let us know that your child will no longer be continuing lessons.


Q: What class(es) should I sign my child up for?

A: It is best to contact the studio to inquire about the proper classes. We offer free trial classes for students to find the best fit!


Q: Am I permitted to watch my child's class?

A: Yes, all of our studios having viewing windows as well as monitors located in our lobby and waiting room that allow you to view your child's progress. However, parents are not allowed in the studio with their dancer during class.


Q: Do I have to stay during my child's class or may I leave and come back to pick them up when class is over?

A: We ask that the parents of younger students stay during class incase they need to go to the bathroom during class. However, if your child is 5 or older you’re welcome to leave during your dancer’s class. Though, please realize we are teaching and ESOD is not responsible for providing before or after class care for students. Therefore, please only drop off your child a few minutes prior to class and be prompt when picking them up. For their safety, all of our dancers are required to wait inside until their ride arrives.


Q: Is there a dress code, shoe and hair requirements for each class?

A: Yes, because dance is a discipline and requires ease of movement and a degree of decorum, students should be prepared for class with appropriate clothing and shoes. The dress code is designed so students can be taught with the greatest efficiency. Please refer to our dress code requirements.


Q: How are students placed in classes?

A: Initially, children are grouped together based on their age range. During the year, students may be transferred to other classes at the discretion of the instructor. Students will only be put into the next level based on ability, attitude, consistency in work, musicality, and physical and emotional readiness. Most times students are placed correctly; however it is important to remember that students sometimes take several weeks in a new environment to flourish. We ask for a maximum of one month to properly place your child in a level best suited for them. Because each teacher’s style varies, the number of years a dancer has trained is considered, but they are not the deciding factor when placing your child in their appropriate level. Adding Technique Classes to your schedule may help your child improve in their level, as repetition is a wonderful learning tool.


Q: Is it mandatory for my dancer to participate in The Christmas Show or the Recital?

A: The Christmas Show and Recital are optional for students; however, the performance is a typical part of dance education. It is important for students to be able to show their accomplishments to their family and friends. It also builds their self-esteem and confidence. Many students who are very shy at the start of the year become very comfortable with dancing by June and are happy to perform their dances on stage.


Q: Can my child make up a class that he/she has missed?

A: Yes! We understand missing classes is inevitable, but excessive absences can become a problem. If a student must miss a class due to illness, out of town, bad weather or the studio is closed due to a holiday they can make up that class by choosing another class at another day and time during any given week to come to.

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