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Competition Teams

ESOD offers two competitive programs for dancers who are interested in more performance opportunities or furthering their dance education and career. Although these programs require more time commitment than a recreational class, the ESOD staff works hard to help dancers balance their time and energies to have full lives and to grow into beautiful dancers and people inside and out. 



For the students who want to take their love of dance to the next level, we offer a competitive program for ages 4-18 with multiple levels to give your dancer every opportunity to progress in their learning technique and style. Company members take 1 plus hour a week, depending on age and skill level, in preparation for competitions, conventions and performances around DFW.


At ESOD, we believe that competitive dance is much more than a trophy. We teach our students teamwork, dedication, respect and confidence with age appropriate choreography and costumes. Our competitive dancers enjoy the experience competitions have to offer while learning about the dance life beyond competition and paths they can take with their dance career upon graduation.  

Although this program requires the most time commitment, the ESOD staff works hard to help the students balance their time and energy.

For more information, please email our Company Director, Ms.Maci.


Dance Team

Dance Team is a program for students ages 9-18 who want to have more performance opportunities without as much commitment as Company requires. Dance Team members take 3 hours a week in their team focus in preparation for performances and one competition during the season. In the spring, ESOD sends out invitations to dancers who have been recommended by their instructor for Dance Team. 

For more information, please email our Company Director, Ms.Maci.

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