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Senior Scholarships

Encore is proud to award graduating seniors with a $100 scholarship for each year they have been with ESOD upon completing their senior year!

ESOD has awarded $9,600 in scholarships for students to further

their education following graduation!


Class of 2023

Jacie Bond

8 Year Student


naomi (this one or one comparable).jpg

Class of 2023

Naomi Spencer

14 Year Student


Class of 2022

Caroline Warber - $500

Amelia Gary - $1,500

Taylor Bevers - $1,600


Class of 2020

Isabelle Crabtree - $1,100

Lizzy Akopov - $300

Carlee Bradshaw - $200

Class of 2019

Lauren Mellott - $1,400

Payton Cox - $800

Graduating seniors must meet the following requirements to qualify for a scholarship.

  • Student must be enrolled for duration of the season.

  • Account must remain in good standing throughout the season.

  • Student must be enrolled in at least one tuition based class.

  • Must uphold the ESOD culture and have excellent attendance.

  • Must commit to attending ALL Recitals for senior recognition.

  • Students must attend ESOD for a minimum of 5 seasons or more to receive a personal banner.

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